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    Shopkeeper/ housepanther/ wrecker Live at Cornerstone

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    February 24, 2019 @ 9:00 pm

    Shopkeeper/ housepanther/ wrecker Live at Cornerstone

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    Hey y’all. A nice sunday night show that brings to town two great touring artists “housepanther” and “wrecker” performing individually as well as playing material from their “homewrecker” EP. Shopkeeper is back with a new lineup and playing new material! (poster by Arrow Magoffin)


    Shopkeeper is the musical vehicle for the songs and voice of Scott Haynes. His songs present deceptively sparse arrangements, while containing unique and eccentric takes on guitar based songcraft. Shopkeeper’s lyrical focus lately has been on the quiet stirrings and hidden drama of unsettled adult life. The band performs as a 4 piece with hints of Palace, Julie Doiron, and Songs: Ohia. Shopkeeper will release a new album in early 2019


    housepanther is a project started by Bailee Woods originally from Stonewall, Manitoba – the music is self defined as power pop, slacker rock for the anxious peeps of the world.

    Woods joined forces with childhood friend, Nick Mann in fall of 2017, and the pair have been playing live band shows with various friends since then! Club Soda Lows is the first album released in March ’18. The album features a collection of ten songs written by Woods with parts contributed by friends.

    “Woods’ music has a dreamy, ethereal quality to it, giving off a mood that walks the line between somber and content. It contrasts well with her grounded, brutally honest lyrics that deal with topics like mental illness, breakups, and online dating.​” – Sound, Phrase & Fury.


    nounwreck·​er | \ ˈre-kər \
    a person or thing that wrecks
    a person who causes ruin, obstruction, or disruption of any kind; specif., a person using false lights, etc. to lead ships to destruction in order to plunder the wreckage
    a person, car, train, boat, etc. that salvages or clears away wrecks; specif., a truck equipped to tow away wrecked or disabled automobiles
    a person or business that demolishes or dismantles old buildings, motor vehicles, etc., salvaging usable materials and parts: house wrecker, auto wrecker


    February 24, 2019
    9:00 pm