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    Silence Presents: The Moth

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    July 31, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

    Silence Presents: The Moth

    Mammoth is a journey straight into the burning heart of music, steered by two of Sweden’s original and progressive musicians. It’s a free improvisation from beginning to end where they create this hypnotic world that goes from frail and minimalistic to awkward dance, to layered and bombastic soundscapes or to where ever their impulses takes them. It usually turns into a Lynchesque trip into a dream, underground world where all laws and rules are dissolved, where one dances with helmets on at the boarder to the unconscious in a surrealistic nightmare and where someone suddenly breathes frightenly close to your ear.

    T H E M O T H : : :

    Erika Angell – voice, processed sounds and electronics.
    Martin Öhman – beats, processed sounds and electronics.

    The Moth is Erika Angell and Martin Öhman. This Swedish impro-electronic duo released their first album Antennae on the Canadian label C3R 2009. They started out as a completely acoustic duo, with only voice and drums, over ten years ago. But through out the years The Moth did what moth’s tend to do, they transformed. They had already started experimenting with electronics and processed sounds when releasing the debut, but with their second album MAMMOTH, released on the swedish label SEKT Records in 2012, they took it further and it all gets a trifle rougher. It’s an inquisitive step into modern club music, but of course with a wholly original take on what club music might be, and with one big foot still in the impro-electronic salon.
    The Moth has toured both Sweden and internationally over the years and have appeared at festivals and venues like, Ottawa Blues festival (CA), Norbergfestivalen (SE) Electric Eclectics Festival (CA), The Issue Project Room (US), Arts Festival (SE), GAS Festival (SE).

    Martin Öhman lives and works out of Gothenburg, Sweden and is originally a drummer who immediately wanted to figure out other more unorthodox ways of playing those drums. Today his setup includes a pile of electronics with contacts mics, custom made pedals, guitar effects and samplers through which he processes his sounds and beats into an original sound that can only be identified as Martin Öhman. Martin also plays with many other swedish music projects and bands, amongst others the critical acclaimed jazz group Klabbes Bank.

    Erika Angell has spent much time tearing down the vocal boundaries to investigated the sound possibilities of the human voice. The Moth is the perfect playground for these experiments where she also processes her voice through pedals and other electronics. Erika Angell lives and work out of Montreal, Canada since three years and is also known for her work as a singer and composer with her groups Thus Owls and Josef & Erika. She’s also part of bass player Anders Jormin’s Ad Lucem.


    Doors 730pm, Music 8pm
    $10 or PWYC
    [46 essex]


    July 31, 2015
    8:00 pm


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