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September 21 @ 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Event by Joe Sorbara
Public Anyone on or off Facebook
Silence presents…
Temporary Ensembles Night
featuring Norman Adams (Halifax)
21 September 2022
Norman Adams . cello
Nimal Agalawatte . no input mixing board
Connor Bennett . alto saxophone
Matt Brubeck . cello
annais linares . voice
Nicole Marchesseau . piano
Erwan Noblet . voice
Joe Sorbara . drums, percussion
Claire Whitehead . violin
Temporary Ensembles are born, live short and potentially magical musical lives, and then sublimate into thin air. Their births involve a balanced merging of black arts as strange dice are selected and rolled and initiates are invited to make random selections with life-altering consequences. Their lives are intense, contingent, dripping with joyous risk and ugly beauty. They conclude with a sudden intake of breath that always already tastes of the moment after an end that already is. And then there is another.