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    Get Your Music Played on CFRU!
    Get Your Music Played on CFRU!

    29 Jan 2021

    Covid-19 has been a major bummer for the local music scene.
    Globally, music venues have felt the strain of loss of income and musicians/performers of all kinds have been forced into their hovels, and into the online world -if they’re lucky and have the gumption.  Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie recently lamented about the state of musicians from his point of view.

    The local University of Guelph’s CFRU 93.3fm is celebrating 40 years of being on the air!  CFRU is a University Community Radio Station and has reached out to the music scene, offering an easier way to access music submission forms.  This is really great news for artists who are ready to have their art displayed on 250 Watts of University Community power.  Check out the guidelines and get your tunes together!

    Submit here:

    Music Lives’ Bry can attest that the station provides really great opportunity for anyone to get involved in broadcasting as it’s a volunteer driven space located in the second floor of the University Centre.  Bryan had a show called Underplayed & Underpaid promoting local music for over 5 years, and has very fond memories of hosting and being one of many bridges in the Guelph Music Scene.  Meeting and interviewing local bands, learning about the history of the music scene in Guelph from local music legends, and having hundreds of live performances right in the CFRU On Air station.

    CFRU hosts a wide variety of show formats from news talk, to world music and more!   We have been adding music shows to our calendar as of late, and there are some interesting characters who host and have hosted for many, many years.  For example, Dean, host of Thursday night’s metal show Forever Deaf has been on the air since 1987! Nicky Dread, host of The Crooked Beat has been on air since 1979!!!

    Music shows we’ve added to our calendar thus far include Forever Deaf, The Crooked Beat, Planet Groove, Ripcord Radio, Mach Vibe Radio, Blues Around the Block and of course, The Sentinel’s Marvelous Kaleidoscope.  Do you have a music show we’re not aware of?  Do you know of other shows on CFRU which deserve a slot on our calendar?
    Let us know!

    Also recommended, is that you follow Music Lives on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and SHARE your music with us so we can share it with the world. We also recommend you follow the Facebook page for the Guelph Music Scene for all kinds of cool posts and updates.  (Shouts out to Jason Henderson for all his hard work!)

    This pandemic will keep us apart for a long time to come, so

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