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Guelph Music Club – Pick Two ’74-’83

So it seems like the Guelph Music Club has discovered the decade where the Winter of my discontent began. One of the other albums I listen to every year, alone, in the dark, on my birthday, is Pink Floyd‘s Wish You Were Here. Like many Pink Floyd albums, each side plays almost seamlessly from song to song with almost no indication as to when one song ends and another begins. This is true for the opening five parts of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”. An apparent tribute to former member and now late, Syd Barrett, who apparently did too much acid and went crazy…Or something like that.

I didn’t get introduced to Pink Floyd in the traditional way as a teenager, like from my parents or best friend. Instead, Trent Reznor had mentioned them in an interview saying how he had always admired them for creating full albums over trying to write hit songs, which is something I’ve always admired as well. Trent mentioned The Wall but my Dad only had one Pink Floyd record on vinyl (this was before the internet). Fast forward until my next serious grounding, and I was listening to Dark Side Of The Moon on repeat.

Wish You Were Here the song was never released as a single but it’s probably the most well known. “Have a Cigar”, with it’s funky bass line and guest vocalist was the hit and only official single. Probably because it’s one of only two songs under six minutes.  In one of my favourite concert moments (moments NOT concerts) ever, Velvet Revolver (yeah, that forgettable super-group)  ended their show with this song. Have you ever been to a show where EVERYONE in attendance knew every single word?! It’s chilling in the most amazing way. What added to this, that you didn’t notice at the time, was the house lights were slowly coming up while the band performed the song. The whole audience was so caught up in the moment that when the song finally ended you knew the show was over, and you really didn’t need anything more.

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