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    The Guelph Music Scene and Arkham Awaits: Some Thoughts From Sleepless
    The Guelph Music Scene and Arkham Awaits: Some Thoughts From Sleepless

    13 Jan 2014

    It’s no secret that we love the band Sleepless. In fact, one member of Music Lives happens to share some DNA with one member of Sleepless. But that’s not the only reason we love them. We love their unique style of music, their live show, and their attitude towards making music. If you missed Sleepless in GAIN Music’s Battle of the Bands, you can catch them again on January 31st at Van Gogh’s Ear where they will play in the finals!

    Recently, Ben (lead vocals and guitar) posted a lovely Facebook post on his experience in Guelph and shares a track from the Ontario compilation Bandcamp album Our Friends Are Yours. If you haven’t checked out the talent on this album, make sure to visit this page. The album is a free download and features some awesome bands including Guelph bands Wakeless, Breadfan, Arkham Awaits, and, of course, Sleepless.


    I love Guelph (ON). We (Sleepless) love Guelph. Who doesn’t love Guelph?

    As you may notice throughout these write-ups, there are a few cities and places that have been really good to us, that I will mention … A LOT. Guelph is one of them. It is a city where music thrives. The city is built upon an awesome University, and therefore, an awesome downtown/bar scene. Not only does this bar scene include clubs and pubs, but it has a handful of live music venues, run by awesome people.

    I haven’t personally witnessed or been to a town such as this, where there is so much support for live music and musicians. Maybe one exists in Newfoundland (I’ve heard good things). Promoters are very kind and easy to work with and, as a bonus, they also pay their bands (holy shit eh?)! Not only do the promoters take care of the bands, but the press covers it extensively as well. Music Lives is a local magazine that covers all-things-music in Guelph. The people that work there are incredible, committed, hard working, and enthusiastic at what they do. Guelph sure doesn’t find the “I” in TEAM when it comes to their scene. That wasn’t supposed to rhyme.

    Not only does Guelph have awesome venues and promoters, but also a kick ass array of local bands. the diversity of bands is also something to take note on. All genres welcome, as different people like different music. Not to mention the talent that these bands have.

    Arkham Awaits defines professionalism and talent. Ripping lead guitars, a heavy, solid rhythm section, with the gnarliest and prettiest teamed vocals layered on top. It will blow your hair back and leave you wanting another. For example, Sleepless played with these guys for their EP “Meridian” release show on 4/20 last year, at Van Gogh’s Ear. For their encore, they covered a song by Alexisonfire (and brought the wizard, Nik Wever, on stage for some vocal assistance.). Not only did they play the song spot on, but they played it better than I’ve seen or heard Alexis perform it. By the end of the song, fans had lead vocalist Kyle Bushert crowd surfing upon them, it was a heart warming sight to see. They played a very truthful and energetic set, that gained the appreciation of the crowd as well my own. these guys are machines on stage, but they’re also the nicest and most supportive dudes off stage. Lead guitarist Levin Maaskant holds a special place in Sleepless’ heart, setting his wake up alarm tune as our single, “So Low, Solo” for some time. The guys really get into their scene and go out to as many shows as they can, along with their bros in Wakeless (write up coming soon!).

    Everyone in Guelph, including the bands, support one-another, and its something every music scene needs. It’s an idea of thoughtfulness that inspired Our Friends Are Yours and I’m incredibly proud of how this whole thing has turned out thus far. 2,423 plays and 183 downloads, and it hasn’t been two weeks. Fucking right. Couldn’t have done it without my friends.

    Arkham Awaits’ brand new song “Tranquil” has 115 plays of that. go check it out on the bandcamp, and like the rest of Guelph, please, tell a friend.

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