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Guelph Today: Bumaroo Arts Collective Spotlight

Screenshot of a music video called EARTH PRAYER by Leah Trottier and Miki Tamblyn for Co-create.

18 artists collaborated to create nine works of art through the local art initiative Co-Create

After collaborating together during the lockdown through a local art initiative, 18 Guelph artists are showcasing their work online.

Co-Create was launched by visual art-based Otherwise Studios and music-based Bumaroo in June to encourage local artists to work together, stay connected and create meaningful art.

For the full article and list of artists featured by Bumaroo, follow this link.

Bumaroo is a Guelph-based collective comprised of old friends, new friends, and yet-to-be friends with creative passions and talents. Our mission is to cultivate, inspire and showcase a growing community of musicians, artists, and activists through events and creative projects.

Bumaroo is a collective of creative people making their way in the arts community. We are a platform as well as a comfort zone. It’s a towel fresh out of the dryer on a cold morning or a cold shower on a hot day. Bumaroo is a horse chasing a carrot… or maybe it’s the carrot at the end of the fishing pole? The point is Bumaroo is as much wholesome as it is wacky and as much fun as we can handle.

We hope you love it because we love you.

GWe are always looking for new artists, events, and collaborations!

Phone: (226) 917-7118



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