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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! I figured it would be festive to share a few of the Canadian bands I’m listening to right now. First up is East Coast band, The Stanfields. They played a Badlands Music/GAIN Music show in Guelph this past Saturday at Van Gogh’s Ear. Bryan at Underplayed & Underpaid will be playing some of The Stanfields songs on CFRU 93.3 at 6:05 today if you like what you hear.

Watch out for Ottawa band, The Balconies. It’s really easy to do because they’re all over social media. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and they even have their own App. I’ve followed and enjoyed this band since they played Jimmy Jazz a couple years back. Please come back to Guelph soon.

A band that is recently exploded onto my radar is Air Marshal Landing. I can’t give these guys enough praise. They’re fun to listen to live or at home. If you like to dance around your house to Arctic Monkeys or Franz Ferdinand, check out Air Marshal Landing. They played Guelph twice pretty recently but if you missed them you should study up for next time.

Speaking of dancing around, Soon This Will All Be Gone by catl is has been in my Top 10 played vinyl since I picked it up after seeing them live a while back. They’ve had some line-up changes and just toured through the deep south but catl is another band that needs to come back and visit Guelph soon.

A band coming BACK to Guelph this week is Harlan Pepper. A little bit Country and Rock & Roll, from Guelph for a while, now in Hamilton, Harlan Pepper have written the best cottage song since Patio Lanterns. They’ll being playing the A.N.A.F on July 5th with a few other great bands. We’ve reviewed them previously, if you want to check it out!

We are proudly Canadian here at Music Lives and I know I speak for all of us when I wish you all a safe, happy and fun Canada Day!

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