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    Happy Monday!
    Happy Monday!

    24 Oct 2011

    So I had a bit of a downer week last week. But last night I was listening to some Bobby Darin and it put me in such a good mood I actually had trouble sleeping. Sure, there are a lot of silly songs that make you laugh, but I’m talking about mood changers. Here is a few songs to change your mood, and get rid of your “Case of the Mondays”.

    I Have Been A Fool For Lesser Things

    Yeah, Billy Joel! Seriously though, can you control yourself from not snapping or singing along in that intro. Chuck Klosterman actually dedicates a whole chapter of his book Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs to how uncool Billy Joel is, and how cool that makes him. I find Uptown Girl also works.

    Oh, She’ll Make You Flip
    If you’re truly trying to beat the blues, clap along to the intro. The Cars wrote precision pop extremely well, for one album. They’ve had nuggets of genius along the way, but nothing as good as their debut. If you collect vinyl, you can find all their best albums, in mint contition, for $2 or less.

    Wouldn’t It Be Nice?
    Great song! Maybe one of the best Side one, Track ones, of all time, from the classic, Pet Sounds. I can’t hit that high note, even in my imagination, but I will try and fail and laugh about it every time.

    I hope I helped cure your Monday blues and your day wasn’t nearly as bad as this guys!

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