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    18 Nov 2014

    Ottawa’s HILOTRONS will be performing at EBar in Guelph on November 21st. Originally releasing their first EP back in 2003, HILOTRONS has seen some serious line up changes over the years, but front man Mike Dubue has helped the band evolve over the last decade. Most recently, HILOTRONS released their 4th LP At Least There’s Commotion with original member Philip Shaw Bova on drums and are now touring as a full band to promote the album.

    In listening to At Least There’s Commotion, I this it is best described in a review by Shannon Reid: “Vintage synth sounds and traditional keys underscore the duality between reality and consciousness. Love and heartbreak.” Dubue is shaking up the music scene in Canada and providing something a little different for music fans who like complex and experimental sounds mixed with experience and ambition. Check out more at

    We had a chance to ask Dubue a few questions about this tour and the history of the band.

    Music Lives: Congratulations on the new album! How has your music changed since you first started releasing music over 10 years ago?

    Mike Dubue: Band members changed; instruments changed; integrity changed; mental state unravelled; switched to Indica; discovered Bartok; hate for government increased; studied, practiced, played and travelled; unlocked secret to life; quit watching shitty movies; exercised; aged; delivered babies in dark allies; learned to hunt; unlocked secret No. 27 to life!

    ML: What excites you about the musical landscape right now in Canada?

    MD: Nothing. However, I recently played in chamber ensemble with Caroline Shaw – a brilliant musician and composer from NYC. I discovered her piece “Partita for 8 Voices”… which is one of the most inspiring things I’ve heard in a long time. It’s an a cappella piece of music fused with extended vocal technique, embracing speech, whispers, sighs and murmurs, while engaging beautiful melodies with complex harmony. I am very excited about a lot of music in America, at the moment. New music is happening there, unlike Canada.

    ML: This tour features Hilotrons playing with a movie screening of “Carry On, Sergeant!” (although sadly not in Guelph!). What was the inspiration for the film screening? 

    MD: I would of loved to bring it to Guelph. Unfortunately, nobody would email or call me back. I’ve been scoring films from the silent era since 2009 and this particular film – Canadian epic anti-war film – fell in line with the centennial anniversary of the First World War. I arranged an entire score comprised of music Ennio Morricone scored for some of my favourite films.

    ML: What can Guelph expect from your live show?

    A high, energetic and dynamic assault to inspire a dancing situation.

    ML: Where can people go to learn more about Hilotrons?

    Check out our youtube channel. You can find it off our website at

    If you’re looking to experience a high energy show, be sure to check out Odd Years and HILOTRONS at eBar this friday. Check the event listings for more details.

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