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HOLY SMOKES MUSIC FESTIVAL OCTOBER 12 & 13 2018 in Downtown Guelph!!

🔥 Holy Smokes Music Festival // October 12 & 13 // Guelph, ON 🔥

Performances from:
Witch Prophet, Phèdre, BBQT band, For Esmé, OBUXUM, Falcon Jane, Her Harbour, Savannah Taylor, Nezzy, Tiger Bomb, Annie Sumi, Transstar, BABY CAGES, Frosted Pits, Junglecat, M’Damn D, VERSA

Tech Crew:
Amanda Parker, Emma Bortolon-Vetter, Steph Yates, Catalina Novoa Carrasco,Hannah Roth, Danica Evering

The Common, Take Time Vintage, Kennedy Park, Outpost Vintage + Thrift, The Making-Box, The eBar

*Accessibility: All venues are accessible except The Ebar*

Schedule and details here:

Tickets available here:

Playlist listen-able here:

Thank you to our generous co-presenters & sponsors:
Hillside Festival
Downtown Guelph
CFRU 93.3 FM
Kazoo! Fest
Toque Ltd
Kennedy Park
Crafty Ramen
Royal City Brewing Company

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