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    21 Jul 2014

    INCLINEΔDECLINE is a Do-It-Yourself, 3-day event that works to showcase regional

    music. Curated by Guelph natives Brian Schirk and John Pritchard, INCLINEΔDECLINE draws from a network of Ontario musicians created and developed through dedication to attending and performing at shows across the most densely populated region in our country. This project aims to create a stronger bond between the DIY scenes in Guelph and surrounding areas solidifying Guelph’s role as an important stop on touring routes across Ontario. As a grassroots initiative, INCLINEΔDECLINE runs purely on donations, ticket sales and dedicated volunteers. They are hoping to provide as many events for as little monetary cost as possible, while still providing the best hospitality possible for our artists. INCLINEΔDECLINE will take place July 24th to 27th downtown Guelph.

    We got in touch with Brian Schirk to ask him questions about the festival and how is came to be:

    Music Lives: What was the motivation to start INCLINEΔDECLINE?

    Brian Shirk: I∆D started out as a discussion between John Pritchard and I in regards to the fact that there never seems to be anything happening downtown during hillside weekend. We decided to try and bring some of our favourite bands from across the province to Guelph at that time, and the amount of positive feedback we got, not only from bands, but from the community as well was so great we decided it best to get serious and do something about it.

    ML: I feel like there’s a story here: where did you come up with the name?

    I like the way that it sounds, and yes, there is a story, but jokes aren’t funny when you have to explain them, are they?

    ML: You’ve got a huge variety in style of music and some great acts! What was the selection process and how did you find so many awesome bands?

    BS: John and I have been active within our respective parts of the local music scene for over a decade. We have collectively dedicated large amounts of time to touring, performing, and going to shows across a large part of eastern Canada. Most of the bands playing the festival are people who we met travelling to or from shows, and connections we made playing them.

    ML: INCLINEΔDECLINE is listed as a “DIY” festival. What exactly does that mean to you?

    BS: DIY means Do It Yourself. I have always felt that there is little reason not to do something within your community, whether it be workshops, free school, beer leagues, or a music festival, we are all capable of organizing these types of events, and we are lucky to live in a place like Guelph where people often share the DIY mentality, and are enthusiastic about helping in any way that they can.

    ML: Do you have any plans for the future? Do you think this will be an annual event or just for this year?

    BS: Ideally we will be able to do something like this every year. As of right now John and I are focussing on the festival, our musical project STÜKA, and in the near future, starting up a small label in Guelph.

    ML: Where can people go to learn more about INCLINEΔDECLINE?


    If you’re in Guelph during the weekend of Hillside Festival, make sure you get out to see one of the amazing events that taking place along with Hillside at INCLINEΔDECLINE. Here’s the lineup:

    The Ketamines with Jay Arner and Bile Sister at silence

    TV Freaks with Black Baron, VCR, and Boar at Van Gogh’s Ear

    Badminton Racquet with I Smell Blood, Poolboy, and Baby Labour at silence

    Soupcans with Hsy at Jimmy Jazz

    Dilly Dally, New Zebra Kid, Stuka, Teen Tits Wild Wives, Mass Horns, Foam, Not the Wind Not the Flag, Gasoline Gather Hands Gather Friends, and Eschaton at Van Gogh’s Ear

    Petra Glynt with Anamai and Zones at To be Announced

    Noah 23 with Mad Adam and Skweezy C, and eSEm at Atmosphere Cafe

    Doomsquad with The Beverleys and Wolfcow at Van Gogh’s Ear


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