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Industry Spotlight: Turtleshell Studios

Back in February I had a chance to be one of the judges for season two of “Out Of The Shell”. It was a great night of music with good people and by the end of it the eight finalists had been chosen. Each week’s featured band is a surprise but with Guelph bands The Medicine Hat, The Durants and Tear Away Tusa all making the cut, this is one YouTube channel you’ll want to subscribe to so you don’t miss out on any of these great performances. We asked the guys at Out Of The Shell for a little history on how this project came together and the rest is their response…

Out of the Shell is a self-financed/non-profit initiative focused on bringing local musicians to the forefront of a growing worldwide community of online entertainment.

Out of the Shell was developed as an internal idea to help increase the exposure for artists that had recently visited our recording studio: “Turtleshell Studio”. We found that artists were looking for ways to have their music both listened to as well as seen, not on TV, but on the internet. From the time that the studio officially opened in 2012 until the official launch of the first season of Out of the Shell in June, 2013 we had been very interested in exploring the multitude of new mediums of video and the power of YouTube.

Josh has extensive musical and photography experience and Jake, the engineer for Turtleshell Studio, had the experience to support the technical aspect of sound and video production. Both incessantly talked about the possibility of a music video project based out of the studio. Having both dabbled in the medium throughout their careers; together, both men felt that 2012 was the perfect time to utilize this unique opportunity at the studio and create something of substance for the artists we already knew.

In the beginning (Jan 2012) a few pilot/trial episodes were filmed with the help of a few friends. The results were archived and taken as good learning lessons to prepare us for the future.

Officially, the first episode was recorded in the Spring with a Guelph punk rock band called The Nasties. Hosted by our friend Gerry Turple, he would introduce and
interview each of The Baudelaires, ATMOS, Barrett’s Privates, Well Charged, Object 221, Steven Vincent & Ambre McLean for what would inevitably become Out of the Shell Season 1, airing June through August of 2012.

Following a successful first season, we decided to reach out to a few of our favorite music supporters in the community to lend us their help getting the word out to offer this opportunity to a larger base of diverse talent that surrounds our area. It was important to us to offer this opportunity to more artists than just the ones we knew. So we ran a contest. We found some local music big wigs to help us judge the content and select the finalists. We brought in a great crew to help film…..

The artists were all fantastic….
We are finally ready to launch season 2!

Episode one airs Thursday May 1st and the series continues each Thursday throughout May and June. Subscribe to Out Of The Shell on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss an episode!

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