Music Lives!

It Looks Like He’s Going To Make It!

Picking a sports song or stadium anthem for Guelph Music Club could be a little tough for me. I go to stadiums and arenas for rock shows, not sporting events. I see Iron Maiden, Guns & Roses and Foo Fighters at the ACC, not the Leafs. I haven’t been to a Jays game since ’94. I’ve done rounds of Name That Tune only using songs from Jock Jams, usually around NHL and NBA playoffs.

I mean I’m sure they must use this song at ball games, it’s about baseball, right? At what age did I discover what this song is actually about? Who knows! This song came out the year I was born, the album is one of the best selling albums of all time, so I know I must have heard this song off and on MY WHOLE LIFE! But I was quite a late bloomer and better at Math than English, so I imagine the sports context in this song went right over my head until my teens. I still don’t know what all the bases represent. When I was younger holding hands would have been first base. Then in high school, kissing. Now that everybody can see pretty much anything and everything on the internet, have the Bases been changed? The comic below sums it up perfectly. I think more complicated game, like Football would be a better metaphor for sex, but at the same time, I don’t understand how Football works either.

Base Meto


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