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Kelly’s Favourite New Bands of 2013 (part 1)

I am by no means a music expert. I am horrible at Aaron’s music trivia and usually find out about the latest awesome act 6 months after everyone else. But I am a true music fan. My MP3s are sorted meticulously. I use a combination of emusic,, and CBC Music to discover new artists and (legally) download music. Here are some of my favourite new discoveries from the last 12 months.

Said The Whale

Said the Whale is a Canadian band from Vancouver. The won a Juno for new group of the year in 2011, but as I mentioned, I’m a little slow on the uptake. Their 4th album was released in September, Hawaiii. I got to see them at Hillside this year and they definitely remain one of my favourite new discoveries of the year. I love the happy feel of this band, and the way they make their music sound so effortless and fun.

Amelia Curran

Amelia Curran was easy for me to fall in love with. I love female singer-songwriters, and this east coast musician was no exception. Amelia’s lyrics are breathtaking. If you like simple, pure music that packs a punch, be sure to check her out.

Cuff The Duke

Yup, I’m totally lame. This year was the first that I actually bought a Cuff The Duke album, which is why they officially make it on to this list. I would argue that I’ve been a fan. I’ve been listening to their new album Union on regular rotation since it came out in October.

Ben Caplan

Ben Caplan is another artist that I’m a bit ashamed to say I didn’t full discover until this year. I knew his name from a lot of radio play on CBC Radio 2, and I knew that Kaleidoscope has presented his amazing music in Guelph over the years, but I’d never made it out to see him play before. I downloaded In The Time Of The Great Remembering in January of this year and fell in love with Ben’s deep, rich vocals and kick ass beard.


Toronto band Highs is probably one of my favourite new bands from this year. I love their infectious tunes and harmonies. They played in Guelph a handful of times this year which helped cement their name in my head and quickly bought their first self-titled album to enjoy on regular rotation!

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