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    Ladyhawk: A Decade of Passive Aggression
    Ladyhawk: A Decade of Passive Aggression

    18 Apr 2014

    Ladyhawk is no stranger to the music industry across Canada. This ten year old veteran band from Vancouver has been playing music together for a decade. Ladyhawk has four full length albums out, with the latest album No Can Do being released in 2012.

    Tonight Ladyhawk visits Guelph at the eBar on their cross country tour appropriately called the Decade of Passive Aggression Tour. We had a chance to chat with Darcy Hancock from the band about how the band has changed over the years and touring across the country.

    Music Lives: This year Ladyhawk turns 10 years old! How do you think the band has changed since you started out.

    Darcy Hancock: We are way less active than we were then. Back then we lived nearly every moment of our lives together. We all had the same job 5 days a week together, jammed 3 or 4 nights a week and went out most nights together. Having spent that much time together makes it easy for us to pick up where we left off every time we get back together after a long break. I guess the music has slowly changed but I think we generally sound like ourselves.

    ML: April is a busy month with your cross Canada “Decade of Passive Aggression” Tour with a stop in Guelph on April 18th. How do you keep energized night after night?

    DH: Touring is exhausting and almost everyday when the club doors open I feel like going to bed but the music always give you energy and it’s usually pretty hard to calm down after.

    ML: What’s the best part about playing live music?

    DH: Its a drug to me. I like nothing more than feeling the energy of the crowd and running with it.

    ML: Any memorable stories from the road?

    DH: The other day I recalled a memory of stopping the middle of the night in West Virginia. We were on a long drive from New York to Lexington, Kentucky and stopped at a rest area. We locked our only set of keys in the van. It was super stressful. Some people helped us and eventually we got in. Lesson learned, we got keys cut the next day. Mostly we just make dumb jokes all day. Tour is a bubble and stories never seem to translate outside that bubble. We have met a lot amazing people over the years. It’s a pretty cool way to travel in that way.

    ML: Where can people learn more about Ladyhawk?

    Unfortunately we have never been good at updating our website or doing any online promo but our uninformative website is

    Make sure you check out Ladyhawk at the eBar tonight when they play with Marine Dreams and Dutch Toko!

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