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    LP Review: Bowjia (Self-titled)
    LP Review: Bowjia (Self-titled)

    05 Oct 2012

    Electro, Dance, EBM, House. Guelph band Bowjia is all, and none, of these things. What they are is part of all of these genres, with added influences, and all mixed together. Bowjia have created a sound a little similar to a lot of things you’ve heard before, without duplicating it exactly, which makes their genre almost impossible to nail down. This gives the listener a curiosity about every song on this album. You wonder what genre or boundary Bowjia will incorporate or deconstruct next.

    I was grabbed immediately by the opening track, Should’ve Been My Lover ft. Emma Aurelia. It fades in quickly and doesn’t make you wait for the momentum to build. The detail to production, for the whole LP, is great. Each song sounds as big or busy as it can, without being cluttered. Something I imagine could be very hard to do these days, when adding an extra synth track is as easy as clicking a mouse.

    If you have any sense of imagination or adventure you’ll love this album. I’m not quite sure if this will make sense, but it is a very visual album. To explain, I found myself closing my eyes during Bloomoon. There are so many subtle textures to the song that I found myself imagining stars in the sky. The type of sky you can only see up North in the middle of no where. The stars were twinkling in and out, in time to the music. The next song, Swagger Scale ft. Old Pal Brentskiis, goes the complete opposite direction. It has one of the dirtiest, crunchiest, sounds I’ve ever heard. It’s the kind of song that made me feel a slight panic, escalating my heart rate and making me a little nervous. Fresh Prints follows that and is a quieter, slower song, allowing you to calm down and reset your imagination before the bass pumping, dance song, OFY.

    Bowjia have made an album makes you curious about how the next song will differ from the last, without upsetting the overall feeling or style of the album as a whole. Every song is in it’s right place and has context to the songs before and after, giving you forty minutes of continuous music you won’t even think about turning off.

    There are different ways to enjoy this album; Turn it up, turn off the lights and close your eyes OR go to a club, they’ll turn it up, and you’ll dance the night away OR get in your car, turn it up, and hit the highway OR…You get the idea.

    Bowjia have given birth to something deep and textured, start to finish. Listen to this album anyway you can.


    Catch Bowjia LIVE!!! tomorrow night, October 6th, as they open for USA!USA!USA! Click here for more info!

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