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    The Master Keys
    The Master Keys

    08 Jan 2014

    This Saturday, Guelph band The Master Keys plays with Coco Murphy and The Prenup at Van Gogh’s Ear. We caught up with Sean Hales from the band to talk a bit about how The Master Keys were born and their plans for the future. Whether you like hip hop, funk, or acoustic, make sure you check these guys out on December 11th at Van Gogh’s Ear.

    Music Lives: How did The Master Keys come to be?

    Sean Hales: The Master Keys have been coming to life over the past 5 years. It all started with the first song that I wrote while hikeing the bruce trail with my acoustic guitar in Lions Head, Ontario. I sat in the woods and for the first time my love for playing guitar, freestyling, hip hop music, singing, and music with a social purpose came together. Writing this song, Eagle Song, is where I discovered the style of music that I love. I have been writing songs ever since that are aimed at improving our world and set to a groovy hip hop rock style. Our drumer is the happiest man in the world and I am fairly certain we met at many local guelph concerts before we first jammed. What I remember most is the musical synergy that we felt when we first played together! We called ourselves The Master Keys and played a ton of great shows as a two man band. We have since added an extremely talented bassist and are working on our debut full length album with R-Evolution Media Studio here in Guelph. The Master Keys consist of Sean Hales (Vocals/Guitar), Frasier Pennie (Drums), and Mike Kennedy Jr. (Bass/Trumpet).

    ML: What’s your best band memory to date?

    SH: My favourite band memory comes from a few years back when The Master Keys played a house show kegger that was the greatest vibes party ever! We opened for an amazing Guelph band called Kenyada and the house was absolutely alive and bumping. It was right after a legendary afternoon party called the beer olympics. We where in the perfect state to rock that show!!

    [soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

    ML: Who are some of your favourite Guelph bands?

    SH: My favourite Guelph band EVER is a band that popped up in for a few years while I was in university called What She Said. They played all the time and my whole group of friends wouldn’t miss a show. They where a big part in inspiring me to persue music, and I had an amazing time jumping up on stage and freetyling whenever possible. They have since moved on to a new musical project, with a few new members, called The Prenup. They will be playing with us on January 11th in this epic GAIN Music Show at Van Gogh’s!

    ML: What’s the best thing about playing live shows?

    SH: The best part of playing shows is gathering together all the people that I love most in this world and playing music for them! Performing always flows into an amazing night, the best nights of my life have been tied in with performing shows. There is no better feeling.

    ML: What are your plans for the future?

    SH: We are currently working hard on our debut album, and cant wait to have something for everyone to vibe too! We are going to be playing when ever and where ever we can, selling records as best we can, and working towards the dream! We are a very inspired bunch, and we want to make a difference in music.

    ML: Where can people find out more The Master Keys?

    I would be so happy if you would follow our musical journey! Check out some of our music at and follow my journey by liking or following @SeanHalesHipHop. We will hopefully soon have a website where you will be able to stay posted and up to date with The Master Keys!

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