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    Music Lives Mentioned in Today’s Guelph Today Today.  Today!
    Music Lives Mentioned in Today’s Guelph Today Today. Today!

    23 Jun 2020

    Drive-in concert to give Guelph its first taste of live music in a while

    The Music Lives concert will be the first live concert to take place in Guelph since the pandemic began
    A first draft of what the live in concert will look like on July 16. Supplied photo

    Buckle up in your seatbelts if you want to enjoy some live music.

    Guelph’s first drive-in live music event is around the corner with local talent, food trucks and physical distancing

    The event on July 16 is hosted by Royal City Studios and is in partnership with Music Lives.

    “This is great. This is huge. People have not been able to listen to live music for too long,” said Jim Duffield, owner of Royal City Studios

    The drive-in live music event will allow up to 50 cars in the Royal City Studios that are each six feet apart. Concert goers will be able to sit in their cars while bands perform on an elevated stage to allow audience members to view the act.

    “We recommend carpooling for sure,” said Duffield.

    The event is permitted to take place as the province moves into Phase 2 of reopening which allows drive-through venues for theatres, concerts, animal attractions and cultural appreciation.

    “The fact that we’re having a drive-in concert at all is different from previous years. We can’t have a regular concert because they are not allowed right now.”

    Out of two performances, one has been confirmed by local band, The Cavan Brothers.

    “We’re going to have a couple of food trucks around so people can go and grab some food and we also have the ability to put a patio bar out for people to have a drink if they would like to drink during the concert or in between the two acts that are going to be there,” said Duffield.

    Duffield says he hopes to organize more events following the drive-in concert

    “There’s a lot of interest from many bands to come out and do something like this,” said Duffield adding that if anyone is interested in taking part, to contact him directly.

    “We’re just trying to keep this local for Guelphites and do something for the community. So I’m very very happy about it.”

    Bryan McNeill, executive director of Music Lives said he has received very positive support from The Guelph Downtown Business Association.

    “It’s pretty cool that the Downtown Business Association is recognizing Music Lives and are able to help Music Lives keep going,” said McNeill.

    “I’m ecstatic about it,” said McNeill about the concert.

    Details about concert time, bands, food trucks and tickets are yet to be announced. More information can be found on the Music Lives Facebook page.

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