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    Music Monday April 16th
    Music Monday April 16th

    18 Apr 2012

    (Editors Note: This post was written Monday. We realize it’s Wednesday but I had some technical difficulties. It’s my fault it’s just going up now. Also, since the original post the video has been taken down but I’m sure you saw it. I selected the photos for the post to replace the video. Anyways, Teresa (@thebandiswithme) is a great addition to our blogging team as she has a lot of knowledge on the inner-workings of the music scene. And she loves music. That’s kind of a prerequisite around these parts. Please welcome her with me. – Aaron)

    If you’re a music nerd I’m going to expect your opinion on this….

    When Aaron reads a sentence containing ‘music’ and ‘nerd’ this photo gets posted.

    Music Monday: I know I already posted this video today, and it’s all over the internet everywhere, but I’ve been thinking about it all day and I’d love to hear some other opinions. This past weekend at Coachella, after a killer set with Dre and Eminem, Snoop performed with a life size hologram of Tupac, and it was pretty damn good. As someone heavily involved personally and professionally with live music, I’m intrigued/worried about the ramifications of something like this, not to mention the amount of labels that are probably salivating over the acceptance of such an advance. No actual artist on stage means lower compensation, no crew, minimal tour overhead, and not to mention that very little actual musicianship is needed to make a hologram of someone who sounds and plays better than they do in real life. All that said, it doesn’t change the fact that the performance that stole the show at the renowned festival this weekend was from someone who isn’t even alive.

    I don’t think I need to tell you how much this changes fan interaction with someone after they die; will living on through just music be enough in the future, or will a physical connection always be important? All this has led to me to wonder: Would you go see a hologram concert of your favorite artist? What about ones that were deceased/no longer performing?

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    2 thoughts on “Music Monday April 16th

    1. Not a chance. I go to concerts to hear real musicians create something special in front of me. If this is what it’s coming to, why not just slap on a live album and hold up a photo while you listen? Same experience and it’ll cost you less.

    2. I mostly agree with Steve but I think there are different experiences to have when enjoying music. I remember as a kid going to The Planetarium to learn about stars. Remember those things? As a teen though I remember going to see a Pink Floyd laser show at the same venue. I remember LOVING it! So I’m wondering if this hologram business will be the next evolution of that angle. It should be kept at a minimal cost like it was. As Teresa pointed out there would be a lot less expenses involved. I think a 3D concert or Planetarium sit down venue would be a great place to take a younger music fan to experience a live concert until they’re old enough know to keep their elbows ready. Oh! And I love lasers.

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