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    Music Monday April 21st, Panama
    Music Monday April 21st, Panama

    21 Apr 2014

    A few of my lesser known ‘talents’:

    1. Speed reading (about 1500 words a minute)

    2. Making homemade ravioli (they never leak or burst)

    3. I can dislocate my right hip, which I used to do to freak out/impress boys in grade school.

    4. Unintentionally staying awake until 4am, staring at the ceiling, playing and re-playing a movie in my head that I like to call ‘All the moments I have ever screwed up‘ over and over or its fantastic sequel ‘What the hell am I doing with my life?’

    Recently, I have become quite spectacular at that last one, it’s been weeks since I’ve drifted off peacefully. I usually achieve the most clarity when I’m in motion, so today I hopped in the car and took myself on a date. I frequently forget what great little culture packed towns are all over Southwest Ontario. Today I drove for 45 minutes down two lane highways through pretty farms that are beginning to come alive until I crossed into Brant County and eventually came to Paris, On. I walked around its cute vintage shops, browsed antique door knockers I will never buy, marvelled at its grand cobblestone homes and finally treated myself to lunch in a gorgeous little cafe overlooking the grand river where I drank mint tea in peace with a damn good book.

    Afterwards I hopped back in my car, put on the latest album by Panama and drove home with the windows down, through golden fields and blue skies. I arrived feeling about 10 pounds lighter. Sometimes all you need is the right song, a bit of open road and an afternoon with your own company to clear your head. Today I’d like to introduce you to the band that came along for my ride today. Panama, a 5 piece outfit from Sydney, Australia recently released their sophomore album ‘Always’. The title track is stunning, it’s filled with nostalgia and summer and all the things that make me want to put my hands out a sunroof and feel the wind slide like jello through my fingers. The perfect cruising song, this incandescent gem will be on all my playlists this summer, make sure it’s on yours, too.


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