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Music Monday August 18th- LP

I love this point in August when everyone finally gets into their summer groove. For Canadians, this usually happens just before summer is over. The novelty of warm days has worn off and you’ve attended all the jam packed bbq’s of July and other summery engagements that seem crammed into the first 6 weeks of the season. Nowadays, I have a lot of impromptu leisurely dinners in the park or in the backyards of friends until the sun goes down. I rarely turn on my oven. My feet seem to always be dirty and I obnoxiously say ‘corn salsa’ in conversation at least once a day.

I also spend an inordinate amount of time in two places: in my hammock or in my car. My car is a bit of an acquired taste. I call it ‘Wolverine’ because it’s self- healing. Frequently small things break, a light will go out, the stereo will stop working, etc. But within an hour or two, it will work again. It’s remarkable and has happened a good 10 times. Every superhero has its achilles heel, and my magical little car is no exception. The AC has never worked. On mild days it’s not so bad. On hot days, it’s like driving a windy oven. My usual tactic to combat this sweltering apparatus on wheels is to just drive really fast. All four windows down, the right song and a bit of a heavy foot are the recipe to enduring the heat.

This week I’ve been listening to a lot of LP as a means of cooling down. LP, born Laura Pergolizzi is a singer-songwriter from NYC that’s written for pretty much everyone on the pop scene today, including the legendary Cher. She’s the first female martin guitar ambassador ever, and for very good reason. This woman seriously makes love to all stringed instruments; I have never seen anyone play the ukelele with such baddasery. This single ‘Into the Wild’ is perfect. It’s sunshine and summertime and full of roar and makes you feel powerful when you’re singing it. Whether you’re driving a beat up car like my little wolverine or your ride is luxurious and smells like new car, I know this song will make your drive a little better.


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