Music Lives!

Music Monday August 19th, The Roots ft Cody Chesnutt

It takes a certain kind of person to love the road. I’m one of them. I love truck stop food and the occasional shower in a sink. I love the clarity that can only come from chasing the moon over your dashboard. I love the road lifestyle, every single part of it, which explains why I’ve driven over 100,000kms between life and work in the past 4 years. It also explains why you’re getting an itty bitty Music Monday, as I am currently on the road right now and at the mercy of agendas and foreign wifi signals.

I’m currently driving through Italy and France, with part of the drive being a daunting 16 hr drive from the bottom to the top of Italy in one day. I’ve done many a 16hr day before, but driving here is a little different. While the speed limits are an amazing 130, everyone moves slower here once you’re off the road. Getting gas, food, accommodations, everything isn’t as user friendly as I’m used to. As a result, it became apparent around midnight that my 16hr drive was going to actually take 20. So I had to reach deep into my arsenal of road trip tricks. A cold frappucino, chewy snacks and a few certain songs that I could sing loudly to get us through the next few hours.

You know the songs I’m talking about. The ones that you put on when you need instant energy, the ones you know all the words to. So below, please find one of my very favorite road trip songs. I hope you think it’s as catchy and fun as I do, and I sincerely hope that you too, have a song that makes the road you’re on a little easier.

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