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Music Monday December 21st- Harriet

‘American Appetite’ by Harriet is one of the best executed lyric videos I have ever seen. It’s simple and flawlessly done and I can’t get enough of this band this year. This song will definitely be on my year-end favorites list (which I’m currently pulling my hair out over because so much good music came out this year), but I thought I’d give you a little preview of the geniuses that comprise Harriet. If you dig, your next steps should be ‘Burbank’ (oh man Burbank is just SO GOOD!) and ‘Ten Steps’. I fell in love with the former late last year and I’ve been essentially stalking these guys since. I mean, that voice! Those meditative melodies! All of their songs are perfect for cruising through dark streets with your friends; they’re the type of songs you listen to in silence and zone out to before catching yourself and breaking out into a big goofy grin. They’re meaningful without being cheesy and I’m just so excited for their new album that my little butt shakes like an excited puppy when I think about it. 
Enjoy, see y’all next week with my top 15 songs of 2015!

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