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    Music Monday February 16th- The Lone Bellow

    16 Feb 2015

    I’m actually so happy it’s Monday today. I’ve been sitting on this album for 10 days and couldn’t have possibly pushed back showing you last week’s Leon Bridges but now the day is finally here where you can lend your ears to the phenomenon that is The Lone Bellow.

    Let’s talk about this video, which is both a feast for the eyes and ears. This song is sublime. It swells and builds right from the beginning, dramatic dips and leaps that keep it both interesting and fresh. And all those instruments! The string section, the lap steel, the mandolin, the upright bass, the flautist, the french horn, those incredible harmonies, WHERE DO I LOOK GUYS?

    They’re all perfectly complemented by the beautiful lead vocals of Zach Williams, who rocks and rolls like an inspired preacher at the pulpit during a boisterous Sunday sermon. I’m so fortunate to be attending Eaux Claires this summer, a festival curated by Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon in Wisconsin. This incredible band will be playing and I can’t wait to check them out live for the first time. Take a listen and let me know if anyone wants to come along, there’s still a couple spots in the car and we’ll be stopping at (yet another) beef jerky outlet.


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