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Music Monday January 12- Best of 2015

Music Monday January 12

Freeze those knees my chickadees, it’s a week late but here’s my best of 2015 list, coming to you from my paella class in Spain. It took forever because there was so much good music that came out last year and I really couldn’t decide.  A few words: the whole new Troye Sivan album is phenomenal, you must listen, the last 45 seconds of the 1975 song are worthy of some sort of pop award (and there was unexpectedly a lot of great pop this year) and the video for the Harriet song is the probably the best lyric video ever made.

Furthermore, I demand that you do not take one more step into 2016 if you haven’t got The Dawes or Leon Bridges or Chris Stapleton albums. They really should all be permanent parts of your collections by now.

Good luck on the year ahead kittens, may you all find music and joy in this ridiculous world.

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