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Music Monday January 21st, 2013

If people who read a lot of good books are considered ‘well-read‘, then I consider myself to be ‘well-listened’ (I also consider myself to be well-read, but let’s leave it to just the one compliment for myself today). Regardless, I consider myself to usually be quite up-to-date on most music, both popular and on the smaller scale.

So whenever a band or popular song manages to completely bypass me, I’m always shocked. People will show me/send me/tell me about a song and I’ll go look up the song on youtube, and most of the time they’re in the low counts, a couple thousand or so. But whenever I hear a great song like this and it has just under 14 million views, I wonder where the hell I’ve been.

It happens rarely, but it did happen to me recently. On my way to a Christmas party, my friend Alexey decided to show me some music he had been listening to lately.  My ears didn’t fully perk up until he got to this song, and it’s not because he prefaced it by telling me he liked to get ready to this song, preferably while drinking a beer in the shower before going out. It was catchy and full of light, and made me want to drink a beer in the shower too, and I don’t drink. 

The band, Empire of the Sun, has been around since 2008. They’re an Australian electronic duo whose debut album went platinum in their homeland and gold over here on colder grounds. I have no idea how they managed to pass me by, but I’m quite glad they’re finally on my radar.  They’re quite eclectic, and this song will certainly make you want to go to a strange party immediately. So hit play, put this song on the next time you’re getting ready to go out, maybe grab a beer and get in the shower. Lather up, dance around a little (carefully) and rest assured that if something great passes you by, you can always just go on back and find it. 

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