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Music Monday January 7th, 2013

There’s nothing more annoying to me than when someone I don’t like does something great. You know, that moment when you have to put your personal feelings aside and say ‘yeah, that was a pretty cool thing you did there‘. Nothing worse. And I feel the exact same way when a band I don’t care for suddenly comes out with a song that I adore. It’s like I’m mad that I have all this time invested in openly disliking them, and now I have to be the hypocrite and love just one song, or worse, privately enjoy it.

But I’m supposed to be this person that thrives off of sharing music with others, so it would be mighty terrible of me to keep it myself. Music is an incredibly personal choice, and while I’ve always been very respectful of others choices, there is just some bands that I cannot get into. No matter how hard I try, something between my ears and brain rejects what I hear. It’s strange, I can even appreciate the theory component of a song ( ie, that is some excellent drum playing, they have great melodies, ect) but I still won’t like it. It’s a mystery to me, that something magic tangled into music that is beyond technical understanding; there’s no telling what I will or won’t like based on some formula. The heart wants what the heart wants and same goes for the ears I guess.

But I can tell you who I have not liked up until this very moment. Muse. Yes, yes, I know they’ve been around forever,  loads of people do adore them. I’m just not one of them, I’ve listened to all their albums, endured them at every trendy party and given the occasional video that litters my newsfeed another try. Just doesn’t happen for me. The vocals sound tired to me, and something about their songs make me feel like I have the flu.

But then, out of nowhere, comes this great song. ‘Madness’, the single off their latest album is masterful. It’s one of those beats that come along once or twice a year; it smacks of Nine Inch Nails ‘Closer’, that slow, creepy stop-and-start.  Add in a fantastic guitar solo at the end, give that lead singer an energy drink and you’ve got yourself a song you can listen to anywhere.

The reason why music is so versatile and can apply to everyone is because it’s always evolving. Just like life and all those people who write your favorite songs, it changes. Sometimes for the worse, but in this case, to me, it changed for the better. And the best thing about music, hell, the best thing about all things related to matters of the heart, to your life and to your music is this: If you suddenly find yourself down a road you don’t like, or liking something you didn’t expect to, you can always just change your mind.



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