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Music Monday July 16th, 2012

Be honest: How many times have you drunkenly sang Queens ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ with your friends? I know I have several times. Maybe not so flawlessly as the drunk guy in this video that went viral earlier in the year, but definitely a couple times. Queen is one of those timeless bands, the groundbreakers that married drama and music together. To me, Freddie Mercury was always one of those larger than life characters, and I for one have been missing him since the day he left us. 

So today I’m bringing you something to give you a little Queen-esque fix. I won’t fully compare these boys to Queen, because Queen is untouchable in so many ways. But if you too, have been missing yourself a little Freddy, this might ease your longing. I’m a total sucker for gang vocals, primal drums and high energy stage presence, and this group miraculously has all three.

Fun. is composed of former members of one of my favorite now-defunct bands, The Format, and old members of Steel Train and Anathallo. Together, they’ve managed to make an extremely eclectic sound, full of perfect harmony and infectious enthusiasm. You’ve probably heard their breakout breakout somewhere, ‘We are Young‘, but if you dig this, be sure to check out the rest of the album. It’s well put together, each song is complementary and with the exception of some vocal processing in a few songs, it’s pretty flawless. My other two favorite songs on the album, ‘One Foot’ and ‘All alright’ are worth a listen (and below!) if you’re into this.

The star of the album is song ‘Some nights’. It’s perfect and with one listen you’ll see why these boys are constantly being named on ‘breakout band’ lists this year.  This is the song you play at full volume while driving down a dark road with friends. Sing your heart out to this one. Make yourself a hairbrush microphone, take the broomstick for a spin around the dance floor, do whatever you gotta do. Just turn it up real loud, and put a little Fun in your day. 

“But I still wake up, I still see your ghost,  I’m still not sure what I stand for. What do I stand for? Most nights, I don’t know anymore….”

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