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Music Monday July 23rd, 2012

Music Monday is here, and you’re getting a raw video of one of the most soulful unsigned acts I know of. A lot of people think the best new artists are just sitting at the bottom of billboard charts waiting for the right video  that will catapult them into pepsi commercials and the lives of millions, but that’s not the case. They’re often the unknown ones sleeping in walmart parking lots, touring in crappy vans, and playing dive bars.

Tour life is rough, especially for lower and mid-level bands. It’s often just sleeping and driving, trying your hardest to perform, interact with everyone and eat off of 5 dollars per day. And for bands who manage themselves, without a crew or air-conditioned bus, there’s a whole business side that has to be dealt with daily. Promoters, booking agents and bar managers differ from each venue and city and the whole process is exhausting. Most people don’t know the amount of work it takes into producing a single show. An excellent article on the challenges bands face while touring can be found hereAs someone who deals with the managerial side of touring, I can tell you it’s extremely accurate.

Trixie Whitley spent years doing just that. She did grow up with some pretty good connections, but she has spent the last few years paying her dues as a self sufficient touring artist. She has an absolutely killer voice, and all her years of hard work are finally starting to pay off and get her noticed by some big producers.  Jump on this bandwagon before I say ‘I told you so’. For fans of Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Feist and anyone who likes their girls a little raw with a dash of smokey blues. If you like it, check out ‘favorite stranger’ and ‘undress your name’, they both showcase her awesome vocals the best.

The truth is, at some point in their career, your favorite band was probably playing to room with 2 people in some dive bar. Before they sold out stadiums, they were trying to get someone to buy a single $20 dollar tshirt so they could afford to drive to the next show. They were unknown before they blew up, and it was through simple fan interaction that got them to where they are today. So get off your couch, get out there and support some new talent. Take a chance on seeing a new band, maybe one you’ve never even heard of. Go have a cheap night out, buy a piece of merch if you like it, and who knows? You might even find your favorite new band. 

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