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Music Monday July 2nd 2012


As a writer, and an extremely talkative woman, I sometimes find it hard to get into music with no words. I have this theory that if you play say, the bass, you will probably always hear the bass parts of a song more predominantly than others. Over time, I’ve come to appreciate a lot of instrumental music, but I still identify the most with words; I’m still absolutely guilty of liking a song that was terrible yet had great lyrics.

Cue Andhim. Now, I understand that their music does have words in it, but they’re in a language I don’t speak, so it’s kind of the same thing. The thing that stands out about this song is it’s absolutely incredible beat. Ever see someone walking effortlessly through a crowd with headphones on, looking untouchable?  I feel like this is the song they must be listening to. The backbone of this song is so catchy it makes me feel cooler just by listening to it, like I should be having brunch somewhere with some witty people.

I wish I had more to tell you about these guys. I know they’re making waves all over Europe, but web content about this german duo is limited and indecipherable, and I’m in no mood for sitting behind a computer today during this gorgeous weather. So hit play, sit back and relax. I’m not gonna pepper you with another diary entry or spew a ton of facts about these guys at you. When it comes to how truly unique this video and song is, I just have no words.


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