Music Monday June 17th, 2013

“I play songs in endless loops. When a song is new to me, and there’s something about it that kills me, I’ll listen to it in an auto-repeat delirium for days on end. When they invented the repeat button on the CD player, my life was changed irrevocably (as were the lives of every roommate I’ve had since).” -Dave Eggers

While I’m no longer activating the repeat button on my panasonic discman (with anti-shock!), this quote sums up my listening experience when I get ahold of a new song that I adore. I can listen to it 20 times a day and not get sick of it, I play it over and over until I know all the words and it’s finally a part of me; I don’t stop until I feel like it’s fully imprinted in my brain forever. Usually when I try and tell someone about the new sound I’m into, my writing articulation never translates to real life. I’m so excited that I end up sounding like a valley girl and say something very eloquent like ‘OH MY GOD GUYS, HAVE YOU HEARD THIS NEW SONG?! IT’S LIKE, SO GOOD’

It’s kind of embarrassing, but that’s what a new band does to me. It’s nothing short of magical that someone I’ve never heard of can come out along and start making sounds that I will deem necessary to my life in a short time. My general rule is that I usually have a full week with an album before I write about it for music monday, and during this honeymoon phase only those closest to me will be privy to my mania and have to listen to me gush on and on before I share my new find with everyone.

With all that being said, I’d like you to finally meet the newest band I’ve worked myself into a fever about, the 1975. A british 4 piece that’s been making waves opening a tour for the Neighbourhood, they have been working their way up to headline status very quickly. They’ve released 4 EPs :Facedown, Sex, Music for Cars and IV. 75% of their sound seems to be derived from the pop-rock vein, but it’s the other 25% that I’m enthralled with. On every album, they have an airy song or two that feels like being in a dream. 

‘Me’ is the track I first fell in love with, it’s clean and light and makes me want to watch a sleepy sunrise. ‘You’ is the next track on your playlist today, I’m hard pressed to tell you whether I like the original or remix of it better. One is more stripped down, and the other is percussively interesting, but both of them start with the line ‘You’re a liar’ that’s delivered so raw and honestly that I had to include both of them for you today. I’ve also included their number one single for you at the bottom, it’s a catchy driving song called ‘chocolate’ that has brought them a long way. So check em out, maybe you too will join me in my frenzy. But no matter which side of their diverse sound you prefer, I hope you’ll find something you’ll like in the 1975. Because guys, they are just LIKE, SO GOOD. 



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