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    Music Monday June 22nd- Work it on out

    22 Jun 2015



    Athletic motivation has never been easy for me, I can’t push myself through that final mile or set without someone screaming angry words in my ear while telling myself over and over ‘you have to exercise regularly or you will age terribly & die’.  I ALWAYS warm up to Coheed and ALWAYS cool down to Florence or Incubus, but after a look at my most played workout tunes for this wk’s ‪#‎MusicMonday‬, I realized that my musical preferences for running apparently haven’t evolved much since 11th grade.

    So here they are, all my favorite tunes to motivate your butt down the track or in the weight room. Also, I know that Watsky is like the Michael Cera of rap but listen to the second verse in ‘Moral of the Story’ and if you don’t feel inspired to take on the world, then you are probably unable to be motivated by music and I just can’t help you.

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