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Music Monday June 9th, The girls are back in town

Mondays are always my writing days. In the winter, this means that I procrastinate for a couple hours, cook and do meal prep for the week and then buckle down and do several hours of writing. In the summer, this means that I go lay on a blanket in exhibition park or in my hammock for a few hours, read some really bad/really good trashy chick lit, have a 2 hour nap and then wake up in a panic and try and get my writing down while I call my boyfriend and ask if he’ll bring me dinner cause I can’t write if I’m hungry. I can’t help it, I try and remind myself that Mondays are supposed to be a priority for writing, but when the weather is nice I can’t make myself relish the idea of sitting at a computer. But today I dragged myself inside because I know you’re in need of some new summer songs and it’s my job to find them for you.

If you’ve ever read Music Monday before, you know I am very unimpressed by anything flashy. I’m down for performing others songs and I even like a certain percentage of pop divas in my summer playlists. But there are so many things that can’t be faked and this always leaves me with a really small pool to pick from. Luckily, today I’ve got not just one, but two lovely ladies that have already improved my summer : Meghan Trainor and Chloe Howl.

Meghan Trainor is a 20 year old singer from Massachusetts with a pretty eclectic roster of producers and performers attached to her name. Her first major single that I’ve heard: ‘All about that bass’ is incredible. It’s the perfect summer walking song for putting a little more pep in your step. It’s tinged with a retro vibe and a clap beat behind it, which is one of the easiest ways to my heart. Reminiscent of the sassy and smart vocals of Kimbra on ‘Settle Down’, this song will likely not get retired from my collection even when the weather cools off.

Chloe Howl is a 19 year old British singer that reminded me that age has absolutely nothing to do with talent. So often I hear artists that make me think ‘they’ll be great in 5 years’. Some people need to grow into their voice, learn to control it and some people just know what they’re doing from day one. Chloe Howl is one of the latter. The first time I heard her smash single ‘No strings’ I said out loud ‘Yes, yes, yes’. It’s a killer anthem about the futility of one night stands with a great synth beat behind it, one that has been played for the past few weeks at my place at a near constant rate.

Both of these wonderful girls have something to say, they’re not the dead-eyed pre-packaged garbage we’ve all come to expect from popular summer songs. Give them both a listen and think of me when you’re walking down the street with your shades on, looking real cool and shaking your butt a little bit or when you’re driving in your car with all your windows down or getting ready to drink beers on the patio. I’ll make sure I keep thinking of you guys when I’m trying to force myself out of a hammock or a pretty park and get my butt inside to write about music.


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