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    Music Monday May 18th- The Bros Landreth

    18 May 2015

    I have a confession to make: I rarely enjoy entire albums. Yeah, yeah I know that’s probably grounds for dismissal from the music industry. I do have favorite albums that I enjoy listening to from start to finish, they’re just a rare occurrence. There’s a ton of records in my collection that are 90% perfect, there’s just one or two songs on them that I skip past because they screw up the flow of the album or I just plain don’t care for them. As a result, my iTunes is a salad bar, a hodge-podge of songs and singles that struck my fancy.

    (Sidenote: This infuriated my ex, a man whose music collection was meticulously organized with only complete albums, labelled with artwork, genre, year and composer credits. We fought about it constantly until one day he admitted that he thought that The Beatles were ‘overrated’, which made me realize he was a crazyperson and I promptly ended things with him.)

    Here’s how I find music: Once every two weeks or so, I decide to wade through all the songs people have sent me, all the little notes in my phone, all the songs I’ve shazaam’d. During my most recent little ritual at 2am, there was a line scribbled in the margin of the tiny notebook I carry around that said ‘Check out The Bros Landreth album, Brian says so’. I should also let you know that when my friend Brian told me to check this album out, he placed his hand on his chest as he talked about it, the way you do when you just love something so much.

    So sometime last week on a hot and sticky night, I downloaded The Bros Landreth album around 3am and HOLY HELL GUYS. What a beautiful body of work. At first I was kind of tapping my toe to ‘Let it Lie’, and then I was dying to go on a backroad drive when I heard the incredible beat of ‘Tappin’ on the Glass’, then I wanted to head to Texas the second I heard ‘I am the fool’.  ‘Firecracker’ made me long for a small town summer love and ‘Greenhouse’ made me cry REAL TEARS,  like big fat, nostalgia tears. During the end verse when the narrator says ‘there’s new memories that you need to make, it’s time for me to fade away’, I immediately understood why Brian told me I had to listen to these dudes.  In the 42 minutes it took me to listen to the entire album, I cried, smiled really big and stupidly in my room, alone in the middle of the night, started planning a road trip and then changed some of my room around.  

    That’s what this album does, it makes you feel all kinds of shit: it makes you sad but it brings you right back up and energizes you and makes you want to run into the desert and fall in love.  All of these amazing songs and I still haven’t even mentioned the crown jewel of the album, ‘Our Love’. I don’t know how a bunch of boys from Manitoba managed to positively nail bluesey- Americana, but they did. They wrapped it up with some beautiful harmonies, sprinkle in some insanely honest and relatable lyrics about heartbreak, and voila!  The first complete album of this year that I’ve listened to from start to finish over and over.  Yeah, that’s right, they’re Canadian too. And they’re like 75% long haired and bearded! What else could you want from a band? Why are you still reading this? Go get your hands on what is sure to be one of my favorite albums this summer, and a long time after that. 


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