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Music Monday November 19th, 2012

Some people say an album is like a sentence, and if you don’t listen to the whole thing you’re not going to hear the intended message. People are usually purists about this issue one way or the other: they usually either exclusively listen to and purchase albums or they pick and choose singles that appeal to them. As a writer, I would probably prefer people read an entire book I wrote as opposed to just a chapter, yet I’m totally guilty of just purchasing singles. I usually have to have a bit of history with a band;  they have to prove to me that they’re totally album worthy before I’ll go blindly getting their entire new album. I know, I know, it’s terrible thing for a self-proclaimed music lover to state. I’ve had friends look through my iTunes in disgust. My laptop has around 80 gigs of well labeled songs on it, but probably only about 20% are albums. Some even have (gasp!) no album art.

The problem with this school of thought is that you end up missing out on a lot of great songs. Some of my favorite songs in the world are the obscure, second last tracks that no one really talks about; they never end up making it onto the charts. So it’s quite contradictory of me to not give all albums their proper chance to shine.

So today, you’re getting one of my favorite recent finds off a popular album. If you weren’t living under a rock, I’m sure you heard the superb band Of Monsters and Men come exploding onto the airwaves earlier this year. They’re a quirky, sentimental band with great gang vocals and a young, layered sound. You probably heard their track ‘Little Talks’ at some point this year; the success of this single led to their first North American tour being sold out across the board. Not bad for a small, unknown band from Iceland, right?

But hiding among the main single and the subsequent 3 that were quite popular was this little gem. ‘Love love love’ is easily one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard. It’s nostalgic, simple and emotional. It’s perfect for this odd fall weather, so take it with you. Whether it’s on a walk, to a windowsill or while you drive around this seemingly misplaced season. This song is a perfect silent friend, the kind that listens instead of waiting for their turn to talk. It’s an incredibly soothing song, and I never would have found it if I didn’t give the whole album a chance. So hit play, and maybe take a deeper look into an album you may have overlooked recently; you may just find your new favorite song. 

“Cause you love, love, love when you know I can’t love. You love, love, love”

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