Music Monday October 19th- Florence & The Machine covers Diplo

There are singers that are technical and always on their game, they hit every note and don’t attempt the ones they can’t. Then there are singers that just sing with their whole heart, they are raw & full of emotion and they may not always perfectly hit every note but no one really cares. You can tell when someone truly loves to sing, they reverberate a joy that can’t be faked.

There are very few singers out there right now who have the emotional singing game down like Florence Welch. I don’t think that fact has ever been disputed, but I was reminded of it last week when I heard her cover of ‘Where are you now’ on Studio 1. Skrillex & Diplo aren’t exactly my most favorite hit makers, but Florence took this pop song and turned into something new and glittery and full of heart.

Check it out below!




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