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Music Monday October 29th, 2012

There’s always been a huge divide among music fans about what the digital age of music has done. But whether you’re buying vinyl or downloading mp3s, you can’t deny that the last 10 years have monumentally changed how people interact with music. The internet and platforms like iTunes and Youtube have done something legendary: they’ve given artists a chance to self promote. They’re able to get out there without a label or PR person, able to put their art into the world and truly allow the fans to decide to keep listening or not.

As someone who scours the world every day for new music, I take advantage of many outlets. I have friends who e-mail me songs they think I’d like, I use iTunes suggestions, read great music blogs and sometimes just surf around Youtube looking for a gem. Occasionally, the internet gods conspire together to make my sidebar suggest something truly great; this week you’re getting my most recent shiny needle in a haystack. 

I found Mree a few weeks ago, and have been selfishly keeping her to myself for a bit. She’s a girl out of New Jersey who got her start by amassing a great online following. Her covers and original songs have garnered attention of grammy winning artists and fans alike. Her voice is ethereal; light and meditative. I fell in love with her covers first, but after listening to her whole album, I’m even more impressed. Her lyrics and arrangements are well beyond her young years and I’m so excited to see what she does next. The single off her second self produced album, Monsters, is available on iTunes and Amazon now, and trust me: it’s worth the dollar. 

I normally would link you a video of something original, but today you’re going to fall in love with her the same way I did: through this song. It’s a perfect cover for the upcoming rainy week. But I urge you to check out her album and keep your eye on her. Sometimes the greatest songs come into my life by pure chance like this, and they’re in my playlists forever. It’s what I hope I bring to some of you every once in a while, something new that you maybe wouldn’t have found on your own. So hit play, and give this girl a shot at your playlist, too.

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