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    Music Monday October 8th, 2012
    Music Monday October 8th, 2012

    08 Oct 2012

    Hey y’all, I’m back, and I’d like to start this Music Monday by apologizing for three things:

    1)For leaving you all alone on Monday for the past 5 weeks

    2)For the annoying amount of times I will say ‘y’all’ in the near future. I just spent a month in the southwest US, but I’m told this side effect will eventually wear off.

    3)For keeping this gem of a band all to myself for the past month.

    Yeah, sorry about that last one. I found these boys the night before I left on this tour, but didn’t have stable enough wi-fi anywhere to sit down and tell you about them. So consider this the first of many trip souvenirs I smuggled back in my suitcase across the border.

    I love bands who have a sound that encompasses an entire time period. While we all personally have albums that can take us back to a specific point in our lives, having a distinct sound of an entire decade is something else entirely. Without making comparisons to other bands, I think it’s pretty cool when you can hear a band full of young kids and say ‘they sound like the 70s’. Certain instruments, arrangements and vocal style are completely intertwined with entire sections of the past. In the 60s, psychedelic and folk rock arrived , the 70s had a huge amount of experimental and r&b suddenly flood the market, and you’d be hard pressed to find an 80s pop song without a synthesizer somewhere in the background.

    I’ve written about my love of the 80s before, but it isn’t just the music that keeps a part of my heart in my birth decade. The culture, the styles, and the movies were all pretty amazing to me growing up. Maybe it’s because so much of that culture was made for the coming-of-age target audience, but either way they always were the things that hit closest to home. I know I’m not alone here, I have many a female friend that can quote most John Hughes movies and likes a little acid wash jean in her life now and again. And I know (I hope) I’m not the only girl who still dreams of John Cusak (anyone) holding a boom box playing some Peter Gabriel (any song) outside my window at night. 

    These boys sound like those movies to me. PK is a band out of San Luis Obispo. They’ve opened for Aerosmith and they definitely aren’t old enough to have grown up in the 80s. But they must have been watching some movies and taking some notes, because they got it down to a science. A little punk, a little rock and a whole lot of fun equals some of the catchiest songs I’ve seen come out of this vein in a while. If you’re a Robert Smith or Killers fan, these boys are for you. Even their videos perfectly encompass being young; if you dig this, please check out their video for ‘London’ as well, that song almost got them on the cover of Rolling Stone last year.

    So turn it on up, readers. Gel that hair, put on your favorite jeans (acid wash optional), and get transported back to a time when seeing your crush or you next night out was the only thing that mattered. Put a little strut in your step while you’re at it, and rest assured that I will not let you face another Monday alone, music-less. I’m back, ya’ll (sorry). I will not leave you again. Unless I’m dead or in jail. Which unfortunately for someone like me is a real possibility.

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