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Music Monday September 16th, 2013, Brothers & Sisters

As an only child, I spent a lot of time wanting siblings for 2 main reasons : One, so I had someone to blame when I broke something (I had no animals either), and two, so I could start a band with them and travel around like The Partridge Family. From the Jackson 5 to The Everly brothers, The Allman brothers band, Van Halen, AC/DC and my childhood favorite, The Beach Boys,  a lot of my favorite bands were all siblings that worked and played together. Even in the last decade or so, pop & rock bands like The Moffats, Hanson, Oasis and Kings of Leon have kept the brotherly love alive in the music world.

But other than the two Canadian sisters (identical twins no less!) that make up Tegan and Sarah and Wilson Phillips, I can’t think of as many groups comprised of sisters. Until now, anyways. Enter Haim. Pronounced ‘Hyme’, which is also their last name, it’s made up of 3 sisters from Los Angeles : Danielle, Este and Alana. They used to play in a band they formed with their parents (!) but have recently been playing solo with a drummer named Dash that they call their ‘Mister’. They’ve steadily been releasing singles in the past year, building an audience and a lot of hype for their upcoming first full length album, Days are Gone, which is coming out September 30.

All 3 sisters are multi-instrumentalists, they all play the drums and guitar and a host of other instruments, as well as all three contributing to vocals on the album. As a result, these sisters have managed to create a sound that’s reminiscent of late 70s rock, with 80s tinged roots, like Stevie Nicks with a leather jacket instead of a tambourine. It’s a glossier, sassier rock than that of its predecessors, but one that feels organic, like it was created in a basement or garage instead of in a recording studio.

In today landscape of over-produced pre-packaged music, the ladies of Haim (and their mister) are a breath of fresh air. Three rocking girls banging on real instruments, emulating rock gods instead of the latest celebrity craze is refreshing, and should be acknowledged and celebrated. So please find below my 3 favorite songs from my new favorite sisters, and if you were lucky enough to be born with a sibling or two, give them a call today and say hello, maybe see if they are interested in starting a band with you.


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