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    Music Monday September 21st- Ryan Adams

    21 Sep 2015

    Don’t you love waiting for an album to drop? I mean, yes, in theory it would cool if I never had to wait for new music, if all my favorite artists were just churning out songs at my request. But the anticipation of a new album, the countdown once a release date is publicized, it’s all so much fun. Last night I sat on my computer at 9pm and thought over and over: Only 3 more hours till the new Ryan Adams album comes out (miraculously it somehow ended up on iTunes almost 2 hours early). A few months ago he announced he was doing an album of Taylor Swift covers from her recent pop perfection album, 1989. I’ve been salivating for it since. I loved the Taylor album, it was reminiscent of old Blondie and I couldn’t wait to hear his take on it.

    The only better feeling than when you finally get your hands on an album is when you realize that the album is everything you wanted it to be and more. We’ve all been disappointed by an artist; it sucks when you love someone’s music and it just doesn’t live up to your hopes. Luckily, Mr. Adams did not do that, he far exceeded my expectations. He took that gold album and spun it into, um, something better than gold. I spent hours last night listening to it over and over, just geeking out by myself in my room.

    My favorite songs are the same on both albums: I wish you would, Out of the Woods, Wildest Dreams & This Love. Check em out, fall in love, praise Ryan Adams, for he could sing the phone book and we would all be better for it.

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