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Music Monday September 8th- New York Playlist #1

New Yorkers are noticeably less fat than the rest of their American counterparts. I’m here in NYC for the fall and I’ve noticed that tourists aside, they are considerably more slender and I know the exact reason why. They walk, everywhere. A few blocks to the subway and back 5 times a day, plus all the walking to a from their destinations add up to a ton of distance. According to my pedometer, I’m walking an average of 8 miles a day. Which is great, because I’m also eating everything in sight.

My music consumption has gone through the roof since my headphones are now on during all of this commuting time. Since I’m swamped with homework for the first time in a decade and listening to many phenomenal artists right now, I’ve decided to do Music Monday a little different while I’m here in the big apple. Instead of telling you about one or two artists and how they pertain to my life right now, I’m going to show you a playlist every week of what I’ve been jammin’ to. This past week has been all about exploration, getting to know my new neighbourhood and surrounding area. I’ve needed good walking songs to help me stomp all over these streets when my feet are getting sore and used to the distance. According to my iTunes, these are most frequent songs that have been keeping me company all over this wonderful city since I arrived. Here’s a snapshot of them taken from the rooftop deck of my building which comes complete with a view of the empire state building. Set aside a few minutes to look up & listen to the songs on this eclectic mix and have a great week, see you cats next Monday.

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