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Preview: Lucas Stagg at SIP Club Friday March 13 6-9PM

The troubadour lifestyle is a fine tradition, and one of it’s finest Canadian practitioners, Lucas Stagg, along with the Lucas Stagg Band, will be extolling its virtues on Friday night at the SIP Club from 6-9 PM.  The Kitchener native has released a dozen albums over the last decade, with each being a reflection on his “choice of the troubadour life, and the peaks and valleys of building an audience one gig at a time.”

The term troubadour dates back to the Middle Ages, when they were considered the shining knights of poetry. They made chivalry a high art, writing poems and singing about love, refined damsels and the glory of the gallant knight on his charger. In a modern context, it continues to refer to poet/musicians. Bob Dylan would be a great example, from his folk beginnings, and breaking into his electric period. The concept had further exposure during the 90s alt-country movement which included bands like Wilco, Son Volt and Drive By Truckers.

Stagg is a true slave to the song. His mantra is “writing better songs, making better albums and playing more shows.”

What does he promise for Friday’s show? “Coming atcha with some great singer/songwriter tunes and the ones we all know and love. Come out for a night of great fun, awesome friends and kickass music!”

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