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    Print Campaign Update
    Print Campaign Update

    25 Jul 2013

    Thanks so much everyone! We’re all getting really excited here at Music Lives. We still have about a day and a half left in our campaign, but we’ve already surpassed our goal! I’ve started this update several times and every time I came back to it, someone had donated to our cause/grabbed themselves a sweet perk or advertising space, and I had to start over. There is still some advertising space available, if you feel like squeaking in under the wire. Click here to check out what’s left. Here is what has happened over the last week or so:

    More good news for the Music Lives Mix Perk, about fifteen Guelph bands have committed to donating a song to the CD, so we’ll probably be breaking it up into two CDs. A few of the bands are just wrapping up some new material in the studio, but we feel it’s worth the wait. You’ll be getting a few unreleased songs! If you’re a Guelph area band, there is still time to get in on this. E-mail me!

    Timing can be everything and with how well the campaign was going already, we saw a deal that we couldn’t pass up. We already bought a printer! It’s better than the one we previously thought would be in our budget, so we jumped on it! It prints over 11X17, is a higher quality, has higher resolution and has a better warranty. We’ve had some fun the last few days, playing with settings and trying out different paper and ink combinations. The quality is amazing and we can’t wait for you to see it.

    You should also start following our team if you don’t already. Kelly is and always has been our lead designer for the website and she, whether she’ll admit it or not, is really enjoying the challenge of going to print. She’s been my catalyst and chief motivator behind the scenes since before Music Lives was even a thing. If you see us doing something new or trying something different, it is usually Kelly‘s idea, with my spin on it. Next up, the other NEW boss lady, Editor-In-ChiefKaty Butters. Some of you already know Katy as one of your fabulous bartenders at Jimmy Jazz. She’s always had a love for the written word and live music, for as long as I’ve known her. Katy comes to us with a pile of experience from Velvet Rope Magazine and we’re lucky and honoured to have her on board.  You can check out some of her writting featuring Eamon McGrath at Kazoo! FestGuelph‘s own, Mandroid Echostar, and she even got to meet Henry Rollins!

    Chuck and Teresa will still be contributing, online and in print. Chuck will be continuing to helping me out by covering a lot of the punk and metal side of things. Head over to the Guelph Metal Heads Facebook Page and give it a ‘Like’ if you’re into that kind of thing. Teresa will continue to march to her own drum, writing her Music Monday feature for the site. She always writes from the heart. Sometimes Teresa exposes bands we’ve never heard of and should keep an ear out for, or she reminds us of bands we may have been in love with and forgotten about, all with a personal twist. And then there is me, the Music Lives guy. I didn’t coin the term, in fact, I get called that a lot when I’m out and about. I’ll still be out everyday, finding events to add to our listings, for both the site and print versions of Music Lives. On top of that, my evenings will still be full of live music in Guelph, going to shows to review or to buy CDs to review, snapping photos and helping out the scene, anyway I can. There are some other potential team members hovering around the fringes, but for right now, that’s THE OFFICIAL TEAM.

    So there you have it folks! Updates will become more frequent as our campaign comes to an end tomorrow and we’ll let you know when all of your perks are ready to go. We can’t tell you how grateful we all are that you, our contributors, our readers and our friends, believe that we could pull something like this off. Thank you so much!

    Now, if I could only find a date to our official release party….

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