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    Royal City Studios is OPEN!!
    Royal City Studios is OPEN!!

    05 Jun 2019

    Located in the far North West corner of Guelph is the brand new, sparkly, one of a kind, state of the art, holy of all holies… Royal City Studios!  We were asked to come out and take a tour and this place does NOT let down.  Jim Duffield, owner and operator (and saxophonist for Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra) had a dream to bring a big city quality facility to The City of Music (soon enough) and the impressive renovations are almost completed.

    This space is multi-faceted, in that you can rehearse in different sizes of studios for proportional prices, the smaller being only $5/person per hour.  You can also record with their specially built studio and you can bring in your own audio tech, OR choose from 4 different levels of audio engineers to suit your needs at relative prices!

    Not only that, but there’s a huge, 180 capacity Music Hall that you can throw shows in, P.A. included, and Royal City Studios can bring in beer vendors from their neighbours, Wellington Brewery or perhaps Rhythm & Brews from KW!
    That’s a triple threat in your face!
    But wait, there’s more!

    A lounge with snacks/drinks for musicians to congregate and session musicians to hang out.  We saw and got to meet a just a few of these cool cats during our visit.  This made Bryan say, “Even if your business wanted to lay down a jingle.  This place would be quick and easy.”  Just check out this super informative Musician Blog..
    They also have a massive parking lot, bus stop right next to them, sell replaceable (and forgettable) sticks, picks, strings, reeds, etc.
    This place has it all and promoters should take advantage.

    Check them out


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