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    Sate and Solhounds live at the Guelph Concert Theatre
    Sate and Solhounds live at the Guelph Concert Theatre

    28 Mar 2018

    Mitch Lawson, our freshest volunteer attended Friday night’s performance by SATE at the Guelph Concert Theatre and here’s his review of the night!

    “So before I get this all kicked off; Welcome to the official Facebook/website feed for everything you need to know about the major events going on each week/month in and around the city. This is my personal introduction to such an endeavor and I couldn’t be more excited! I grew up in Orangeville and being a small city with a whole plethora of talented musicians and artists I learned the importance of a local music scene very early on in my music loving life, as well as the impact it makes on the community. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to read my reviews and thoughts on the matter each article that comes out.

    This past weekend I had the special pleasure of seeing Sate with Solhoundsat the Guelph concert theatre. Not knowing too much already about Sate and nothing of the Winnipeg Heavy Grunge group Solhounds, I seriously went into this show with my mind a blank canvas. And I have to say, I emerged with a great appreciation of both groups of artists, as well as, a few great tunes to add my ever expanding playlist of great road-trippin’, head shaking songs.

    First off anyone who has been to Guelph Concert Theatre already knows that it is a great stage. A venue that offers big sound combined with an intimacy that lets you feel like you are being personally performed to. This was unfortunately the actual case with the show I attended on Friday Night… Where was everyone? Sure, these are up-and-coming artists trying to pave their way to true fame but they are both bands that seriously put on and amazing show and in the case of Sate especially come from a family background of great Canadian musicians. So the turnout was seriously depressing but also allowed for the bands to put on a seriously intimate performance.

    The show opened up with Solhounds putting out a huge raspy number that really set the precedence of what to expect from this rib-rattling bass heavy group. Pumping out huge heavy tune after huge heavy tune the set was dotted in the middle by songs about guns, abortions and feminism. Not everyone’s cup of tea but bringing up serious issues that plague our society today. Lead singer Elise Roller is a mix of falsetto highs to deep raspy grunge put meaning and feeling to issues that make you feel just what they intended. I was seriously impressed by the Winnipeg, Manitoba outfit and hope to hear more in the near future. They are playing multiple shows throughout Ontario in the next few weeks including London, Hamilton, St. Catherines, Toronto and finally Ottawa.

    Now I feel Sate deserves a bit of an introduction. Being the daughter of predominant blues and jazz musician Salome Bey, also known as “Canadas First Lady of Blues” and being an Honourary Member of the Order of Canada. Sate is a Toronto artist who is becoming seriously recognized nationally and even going as far as having her debut album, RedBlack&Blue being called one of the most anticipated album of 2016 by the Globe and Mail. Sate has beautifully blended her soulful and blues-like vocals to the next level by writing songs that pack a serious punch. It is a beautiful blend of Rock and Soul that seriously begs to be heard. From songs like “Warrior” that make you want to jump right out’ your seat to crowd sing-alongs like “What Did I Do” Sate is seriously a band that (like myself) you should be adding to your favourite playlists. As an extra special treat, as if the show wasn’t already bursting in intimacy Sate added two first-time-ever-played-live songs from her upcoming album The Fool which Sate has said we will hear a piece of (very hopefully) very soon.

    Thanks for taking in my first review on page fellow music lifers! I will be posting my next article with the acquiesce of our wonderful Commander-in-chief Bryan McNeill. Please get back to for any feedback or comments and continue to check up on the site for local show times and venues!”

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