Show Review: My Son The Hurricane

What happens when you cross R&B, a Marching Band, a little Ska and a pile of Hip-hop? St. Catherines’ My Son The Hurricane happens. Thanks to Fortnight Music I was able to see this great band live, for the second time at eBar, Guelph, May 10th, 2012.

Some of you might be familiar with MSTH from Hillside 2010. I first saw them open for U.S.S. last summer courtesy of GAIN Music. They were slightly (members of U.S.S. were body surfing two songs in) upstaged by the headliner so I couldn’t give them a fair revue then. Now I can say that MSTH are anything but just fair. In fact, I think that FANTASTIC should be the only “F” word associated with the act. I know how hard it is for most bands, being three to five pieces, to co-ordinate themselves in the process of writing music, recording it and performing it live. I can’t fathom what MSTH must go through, playing with a ten to a staggering fourteen person line up, on any given night. Your standard rock band instruments are there. Bass, Drums, Guitar, but add to that, extra percussion, Trombone, Sax(es), Trumpet(s), Tuba and not a singer, but an MC. Maybe I confused you. I was confused the first time someone tried to explain to me what MSTH were like. Are they Hip Hop? Not really. Are they R&B, Soul or Motown? A little. Here’s a taste of what My Son The Hurricane do so well. CAUTION: INDUCES DANCING!

I usually try to pick a highlight of the night or favourite part of a performance but in this case it’s biased. From start to finish My Son The Hurricane were high energy, great sounding and most of all fun. During their performance the whole band engages the audience, with  Jacob Bergsma, the MC, sharing the spotlight with whichever horn or stringed instrument is being showcased during any given song. The crowd, which should have been sold out for a band of the calibre, started dancing within the first song and didn’t stop until the show was over. Even the rhythmically challenged in the back were tapping their toes and bobbing their heads in perfect time. As I said however, my highlight is biased. About halfway through the set they dropped a cover of Metallica‘s “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. One of my favourite Metal songs. Most the crowd didn’t know this.

My Son The Hurricane have a sound that is full, fun and most importantly original. Their subtle fusion of so many styles and their engaging and in-your-face live show should have you coming back every time they play in your area. Just remember your dancing shoes.

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