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Posted June 27, 2012 by

I had the chance to see Catl and Jimmy Jazz, Guelph, on June 2nd, and am I ever glad I did. Their┬áBandcamp page describes them as “…a dirty, stripped down, juke-joint blues band that likes to drink, fight, and grind.” but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for this trio from Toronto. Here’s a […]

Posted April 30, 2012 by

Okay, bear with me here. I swear, I know it’s been several weeks in a row that I’ve availed your ears with female vocalists, so here’s the deal: I will post about yet another female singer this week and then next week I will find you a nice boy to listen to.   I stumbled […]

Posted February 2, 2012 by

I may very well be stuck in the 90s. That’s where I first heard 75% of the musicians I still regularly listen to.┬áSo last week I was hanging with none other than THE Dylan Awesome from GAIN Music. Somehow we ended up listening to 90’s tunes and taking turns on Youtube trying to what only […]