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    Countering The Season

    This is a pretty silly time of year. Really think about it. Lots of people take their holidays. Everyone puts all kinds of lights all over the place. Runs around like crazy buying gifts and trying to see their whole family or friends over two or three days. It’s like a week of parties, all for different reasons. It can also be a dark time of year for some people. I find it harder to stay in a happy mood when the nights are longer and the colder the weather comes in. Here’s a few non-seasonal songs I like to listen to when I get a case of the lonelys.

    We Will Make It Through Somehow

    It was kind of hard to pick just one Nine Inch Nails song for this post but I think this one works perfectly. I might have over 20 NIN CDs, DVDs, bootlegs etc. I was kind of obsessed with them in the 90’s and still love them today. Reznor’s lyrics have always spoken to me on an emotional level that I need, while the music is always just a little different than you’d expect, album to album. This song makes me want to punch something, or have a good cry, depending on the day.

    Turn Me Back Up

    Forget the fireplace channel! This track lights a fire in my gut and gives me a whack of swagger! I’m pretty sure that Eminem’s Recovery was in my Top 3 albums of 2010 if not number 1. While lyrical substance isn’t too overwhelming, the beat and rhymes are so killer it doesn’t matter. This song always turns my mood into one of kicking ass and taking names. A great song to rock out to when/if you’re spending time alone during this silly season. There is no way you’ll still be feeling melon-collie by the end of it.

    Feel The Energy Inside

    This is kind of a different type of song for me to post. I can’t remember if it was The Mortal Kombat 2 soundtrack or the second Hackers soundtrack (music mostly inspired by the film) that introduced me to this song so many years ago. I totally jumped on the 90’s Electronica band wagon when those movies came out though. I love this song. I makes me wanna rave dance!

    Blue Christmas
    I dedicate this post to everyone who gets a little down around this time of year. I know the feeling all too well. I hope everyone has a great holiday, filled with live music, dancing and good times! Share your mood changers below!