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    Eleven Presents…

    The fourth annual OFF THE FLOOR FEST!!!

    Last week I posted two shows in my blog. Both had a lot of readers. The 100 Mile Riot happened already, and was a huge success (I’ll try to get you details on $$$ raised, people through the door, etc.) and Ladies Of The Canyon, The Heartbroken & Ben Caplan happens on Sunday, so we’ll see how effective these posts are. Music Lives is here to try to support the music loving community so here is a bit of info on this weeks Off The Floor Fest!!!

    This event features eight (8!) bands spread out over 5 hours (at least). It also utilizes both first AND second floors of Van Gogh’s Ear. It’s also this Thursday, January 26th. The price is modest. $10 the door or $8 advance available at Hempire. Or $1/ band advanced, or $1.25/band at the door if you can’t be bothered to do the math. Doors are at 7:30pm. Go out for dinner first, you’ll need the energy. It is a 19+ event. Get a babysitter. We already gave away a pair of guest list  passes at Jimmy Jazz, Name That Tune, last Wednesday, and we’re going to do it again this Wednesday (the 25th)!

    Here’s the list of bands performing at set times:

    8 pm –> Hinindar (1st floor)

    8:30 pm –> The Dirty Nil (2nd floor)

    9 pm –> The Folk (1st floor)

    9:30 pm –> Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs (2nd floor)

    10 pm –> Greys (1st floor)

    10:30 pm –> The Sweet Mack (2nd floor)

    11:10 pm –> Whale Tooth (1st floor)

    11:50 pm –> Teenage Kicks(2nd floor)

    According to the Facebook event, Off The Floor Fest has these people to thank:

    • GAIN Music – who are helping with production, which means this year is going to sound amazing.
    • Hempire – who have helped out with their generosity and overall radness.
    • Blake Stevenson – who has created the Off the Floor poster (that you see here) and logo for the second year in a row, and who is just a sweet dude whom we love dearly here at Eleven.

    So there is the run down on another great Guelph show. Remember you can WIN your way in to this show by attending Name That Tune Tomorrow at Jimmy Jazz, hosted by yours truly. If you have to do it the old fashioned way, and pay for your tickets, get them at Hempire or at the door and I’ll see you all at Van Gogh’s Ear.